How to view the property changelog in a dashboard

Viewing historical values directly in a dashboard

Visible's portfolio company dashboard and one pager templates are a great way to view and analyze company performance. Company properties in dashboards are a great way to automatically import information into a dashboard, and the company property changelog makes it easy to see how values have changed over time. 

An example of why you might want to see how company property values change over time is if you are using them for quarterly qualitative updates for your companies. In this way, you'd write the company update in the property, it will update in the dashboard, then you'll be able to view how the value compares to last quarter's update -- without ever needing to leave the dashboard. Keep reading below to see how you can view the changelog.

To see the company property changelog in the dashboard, navigate to the respective dashboard. Then hover your cursor over the top right of the property and click the change log symbol.

A side modal will appear with a record of when a value was changed, the user who changed it, and the value. 

Please let us know if you have additional questions!