Getting started with Fundraising pipelines

This article should help with building out and customizing your fundraising pipeline. Your pipeline will help you with staying organized in your fundraising efforts.

To start with getting your fundraise organized. First, open Visible. Then, start creating your investor contacts individually or upload all of your investor contacts at one time via csv. Once all of your contacts are uploaded you will be able to get started with our fundraising feature.

To create your first fundraising pipeline. First, click Fundraising along the left side of the screen. Next, click + New Pipeline in the top right. You will then name your pipeline and set your target $$ amount you are looking to fundraise. You will then have the default view of a fundraising pipeline.

From here, you can customize your columns and edit your stages to fit your preferences.

From here you will want to add investors to your pipeline. The other way to add investors to your pipeline is through Visible connect. Clicking Add to pipeline into any investor on connect will allow you to add them directly into your pipeline. Once you have your investors uploaded into your funnel, you can update their stages, update the investors fields, connect your contacts, take notes, check in on investor activity, and progressing to the point where investors trust you with their capital!

From here, you should stay consistent with moving investors through the qualifying stages and making sure they are correctly labeled.

Find the links to the resources above organized below:

Find screenshots of setting up a fundraise below

Open Visible


Click on Contacts in bottom left


Click New contact in the top right


Enter new contacts information and click Create contact


Click Create contact

Next, click on Fundraising along the left side of the screen


Click + New pipeline in the top right


Name your pipeline and set target $$ raise amount


See default view of your Fundraising pipeline


Click the three horizontal dots along the top of your screen


Click Edit columns


Edit your fundraising columns


Navigate back to the three horizontal dots. Click Manage stages


Add, edit, or delete stages you want to change


View new pipeline format


Click + New Investor in the top right


Enter investor name and other fields


Connect a contact to track activity


Click Save in the top right


Fill out investor fields and connect a contact


Click Save in the top right


From here, properly qualify your investor contacts and keep things organized!


This is a long process but worth the energy to input all your information and keep things organized.

Please reach out to our team if you have any questions!