How do I create a chart?

Learn how to create and edit charts in your Visible account.

To create a chart, start with opening Visible. From here, open a dashboard where you would like the dashboard to live

To start building a chart navigate the Dashboard where you would like for the chart to exist in (you could also build a chart directly on an update). By building a chart on a dashboard a place to live and the chart will be able to refresh as your data does.

Once you have the dashboard open, click the '+' in the top right hand corner. This will give you the option of build a: 'Chart', 'Table', 'Text', or 'Variance report'. Choose Chart.

Once you select Chart, this will open the chart builder for you. Next, you will choose the data source you want to be used within the chart. Click Search for metrics... and see the integrations that you have connected. You will add the metrics from the data source you want to use on your chart. Google sheets, accounting softwares, and user provided metrics are most popular for chart building

Once you have added in the metrics you in your chart (you're able to add multiple metrics to a single chart), you will be ready to add insights and format the charts. To add an insight, click into the related metric and click + Add an insight. This will give you a list of insights to choose from. Next, choose Previous period change. This will make sure to exclude non completed time periods . Next, click on Options in the top right of the chart builder. This is where you can change the title of the chart, change the chart type, and change the charts display period and add metric insights to the chart. Once your are done click Save in the top right of the chart builder.

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See below for step by step instructions of building a chart!

Open Visible


Click Dashboards along the left side of your screen


Open the dashboard where you would like the chart to live


Click + in top right hand corner and choose Chart


Where it says Search for metrics... add the metrics for your chart


Add multiple metrics to your chart


Click into metric and add a chart insight


Click Options along the top of your screen


Give your chart a title


Change the chart type


Update the charts display period to show the past 6 months


From here, click Save in the top right


Now you have created your first chart and every time the metric source of this chart is updated the chart will also update!


This should be helpful in building your first chart.

Please reach out if you have any questions related to integrating your metrics or building charts. We are happy to help!