How do I send an Update in Visible?

Advice for getting started with Visible Updates

Visible helps you deliver well structured and thought out updates into your investors email inboxes.

Sending an update starts with creating a contact or uploading all of your investor contacts via csv. From here, you should add your contacts to a list. This will enable you to send the same update to all of your investors email addresses. Your updates are also shareable via link after you send them.

Once you have contacts added. You will draft your update. You can bring in a template from our template library or draft your update in a format you prefer. You can begin a draft an update by navigating into Visible. Clicking Update --> + New Update

The bold text at the top will serve as the subject line of your update. This is what your investors will read first. The text below is where the you can write the body of your update, add charts to your update, and format your content.

Once you have your update drafted and reviewed. Click Send v in the top right. This will allow you to choose the contact lists and additional recipients you want to send the update to. Then, click Send. After the update is sent, you can view the open %, share the update via link, and download it as a PDF

Find links below that might be helpful:

Find screenshots of the process of creating an update below:


Open Visible


Click on Contacts in bottom left


Click New contact in the top right


Enter new contacts information and click Create contact

Click Create contact


Next, click Updates along the left side of the screen


Click + New update in the top right


Enter subject line


Add charts and content to your update


Click Send v in top right when you are ready to send


Select contacts or contact lists you would like to send the update to


Click Send


Your update has now been sent and you can view your metrics!


This should help you get started on sending your first update in Visible.

Please reach out if you would have any questions! We are happy to help