How to send an update in Visible?

Directions on how to send an Updates from Visibe

To send an update, first open Visible. Click on Updates along the left side of your screen. Click + New Update top right of your screen

The bold text at the top will serve as the subject line of your update. Write a subject line. This is what your investors will read first. You can then add text and content to your update.

Once you have your update drafted and reviewed. You should send a test update to view the format of the update in your email inbox. Click Send v in the top right. This will allow you to choose the contact lists, and other contacts you want to send the update to. Then, click Send.

After the update is sent, you can view the open %, share the update via link, and download it as a PDF

Find links below that might be helpful:

Find screenshots of the process of sending an update below:

Open Visible


Next, click Updates along the left side of the screen


Click + New update in the top right


Enter subject line


Add text and content to your update


Click Send v in top right when you are ready to send


Select contacts or contact lists you would like to send the update to


Click Send


Your update has now been sent


Check your open rates and send to additional recipients


You can share any sent Updates via a link or download locally as a PDF. Please reach out if you would have any questions!